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ATTENTION: Please be on alert for fraudulent payment instructions. Fraudsters continue to impersonate vendors or company employees (e.g. senior management) in email exchanges that include ACH or wire payment requests. Fraud red flags include beneficiary account information that differs from prior legitimate payment requests, emails marked as urgent or confidential, and instructions to call telephone numbers other than those housed within your own system. As a best practice, payment requests received via email should be verified via a telephone call to the requestor using a telephone number stored within your own system. Immediately contact CIBC at (312) 564-6800, option 1, in the event a payment was initiated that you suspect or confirmed was fraudulent in nature. For other fraud prevention best practices, see the 'Security Procedures Guide' under Administration, download documents on Business NetBanking or call a Treasury Management Service Consultant at (312) 564-6800, option 1.